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Providing sustainable energy efficient engineering designs to become the leading provider for Mechanical and Electrical services.


Providing our clients and communities with sustainable designs that are cost effective and energy efficient.



Integrity, Safety, Passion, Empowerment, Continuous Improvement, Transparency

Excellence is only achieved through innovation. At GMEP Engineers, we strive to confirm this fact through our dedicated and comprehensive approach in our design. Effective design is the product of a collaborative process that begins with a thoughtful understanding of our client’s vision, and applying our engineering experience to pave a way for a clear goal for each project we take on together.


Through respectful communication we can achieve any goal and overcome any obstacles that get in the way of our objectives. Guided by our core values, we are dedicated to keeping and growing outstanding individuals while maintaining lasting relationships with our clients and community.

Introducing GMEP Engineers ©: Your Blueprint to Excellence

At GMEP Engineers, we don’t just design structures; we engineer experiences, efficiency, and excellence. Our team of expert engineers is your trusted partner in crafting the future of modern construction. With a comprehensive suite of services, including Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Title 24 Compliance, Site Lighting/Photometric Analysis, Structural Design, Solar Design, Calculations, and Revit (LOD/Version) expertise, we bring precision and innovation to every project.

Our Promise: Building Success from Blueprint to Reality

❄️🌬️🔥 **Mechanical Mastery**: We design mechanical systems that ensure optimal functionality and comfort, while also enhancing energy efficiency.

⚡ **Electrical Expertise**: Our electrical solutions light up your projects with safety, sustainability, and the latest technological advancements.

💧 **Plumbing Precision**: From clean water to waste management, our plumbing solutions are designed to meet the highest industry standards.

🌿 **Title 24 Compliance**: We help you navigate complex regulations effortlessly, ensuring your projects are always in compliance.

💡 **Illuminating Vision**: Our Site Lighting/Photometric Analysis ensures spaces are well-lit, enhancing safety and aesthetics.

🏗️ **Structural Strength**: We provide structural designs that form the solid foundation of your architectural dreams.

☀️ **Solar Brilliance**: Harness the power of the sun with our cutting-edge solar designs that merge sustainability and innovation.

📐 **Precision Calculations**: Our calculations leave no room for error, ensuring the success of your projects.

🏢 **Revit Expertise (LOD/Version)**: We excel in Revit, helping you visualize your projects with impeccable clarity and efficiency.

Why Choose GMEP Engineers?

✅ **Experience**: With years of industry expertise, we understand the intricacies of every project, big or small.

✅ **Innovation**: We stay at the forefront of technology, bringing you the latest advancements in engineering.

✅ **Sustainability**: We’re committed to eco-friendly solutions that reduce your carbon footprint and operating costs.

✅ **Accuracy**: Our precision in calculations and designs guarantees your projects are built on a solid foundation.

✅ **Collaboration**: We work closely with you to transform your vision into a reality, prioritizing your needs at every step.

Your vision is our mission. GMEP Engineers is here to build a brighter, more efficient, and sustainable future, one project at a time. Contact us today, and let’s embark on this journey together. Engineering excellence starts here.



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Heating & Cooling Air Distribution

Heating & Cooling Load Calculations (ACCA Manual JDS)

Ventilations Systems

Chilled & Cooling Water Systems

HVAC Controls & Distribution

Humidification & Dehumidification

Indoor Air Quality Management Systems

Energy Compliance Calculations per Local Jurisdiction (IECC/T-24)


Electrical System Design & Analysis

Power Distribution & Management

Photometric Analysis

Interior & Exterior Lighting Design

Sizing of Electrical System

Emergency Power System 

Efficiency, Renewable, Sustainable - Integrations

Lighting Compliance Calculation - Indoor/Outdoor Lighting (IECC/T-24


Cold/Hot Water Supply Systems

Gas/Fuel Distribution Systems 

Sanitary Sewer System

Oil/Grease Waste Interceptors

Gray & Recycled Water System 

Storm Water System

Commercial Code Consultations

Residential Code Consultations


2016 Revit BIM

Clash Detection

HVAC Analysis & ANSYS

CFD Analysis


Tenant Improvements/Remodels

Single/Multi Family Homes 

Mixed Use Apartments 

Parking Structures

Mid-Rise Office Building 

Gas Stations 

Tilt-Up Structures

Anchorage Calculations & Details



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  • California
  • Colorado
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii (*M/P only)
  • Idaho
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington




26439 Rancho Pkwy S.
Suite #120
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Phone: 949-267-9095

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Gangyi “Gary” Zhou, PHD, PE is the President of GMEP Engineers. Gary studied at The University of Science & Technology of China. With a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) & Mechanical engineering.

He is the Founder of GMEP Engineering Firm & IBEC Power Inc. GMEP Engineers has offices serving Nor-California, SoCal & Texas for over 14 years. And they’re Licensed in 20 states.
Dr. Zhou is very passionate about precision engineering, proper code implementation & innovative design with commercial & residential development. Consulting with a special focus in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Revit-Modeling & Structural engineering Gary has complete expertise in the field.